StarGuard Elite

Why SGE?

As former operators of some of the largest, most successful and iconic waterparks, resorts, and aquatic operations in the industry, our team is uniquely experienced and qualified to help you create Aquatic Risk Prevention solutions to meet your specific goals. We understand the challenges and obstacles you face, know the commitment we all have to the guests that support our operations, and know how often these forces can oppose each other. StarGuard ELITE was founded on the principles of creating client-centric solutions through partnerships. Utilizing objective-based criteria to find creative solutions for improving safety and mitigating risk, SGE has created a new industry standard. We are only satisfied when we have worked together with our partnerships to develop sustainable programs that deliver excellence and operate with organizational integrity and passion. You deserve the same professionalism, dedication, and passion that you provide daily! Together we can inspire and drive an evolution in the aquatics industry through our partnership.

  • StarGuard was founded in 1999 and has more than 20 years of history as an industry leader
  • StarGuard ELITE was created in 2014
  • The first and ONLY Lifeguard Training Program that holds the CMAHC Certification.
  • With over 300 clients worldwide, our client family is evenly split between public and private organizations that represent the most diverse client base of any training agency in the world.
  • The client base includes:
    ■ Pools
    ■ Waterparks
    ■ Hotels and Resorts
    ■ Park Districts
    ■ Cruise Lines
    ■ Private Islands
    ■ Pool Management Companies
    ■ Training Centers
    ■ Swim Schools
    ■ PADI Dive Centers
    ■ Lakefronts
    ■ Open-Water
    ■ Camps
    ■ Crystal Lagoons
  • Our client diversity is reflective of the adaptability of our training programs and services
  • SGE programs are objective and standard based, not provider based. We are not rigid in procedures and rules, therefore client driven with a true “make-it-work” approach that does not compromise standards.
  • We deliver true comprehensive safety programs with focus on prevention, prevention, prevention
  • SGE’s evidence-based protocols are the most evolutionary and up to date of any training agency in the world.

  • The operational experience, expertise, and diversity of our Client Partner team and client-to-staff ratio are both second to none.
  • SGE’s Elite Staff represent Safety Auditors and Trainers that are the most operationally experienced of any agency. The team focuses on being a mentor to clients to improve their operations, and not merely use a checklist approach.
  • SGE’s proprietary Lifeguard Portal™ is operator friendly and the industry leader for digital management for aquatic training & operations.
  • The Lifeguard Portal™ is updated frequently with expanded functionality and services.
  • Our proprietary ELITE Dispatch™ training program is an industry first that prepares candidates with best practices to safely operate any aquatic attraction.
  • SGE proudly partners with American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) for all CPR, AED, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, and Bloodborne Pathogens training curriculums.
  • ASHI is an industry leader for first responder training and meets all international guidance for first responders.
  • All SGE clients automatically become ASHI training centers and can deliver additional ASHI programs that are available.
  • SGE is the ONLY training & certification agency that operates with medical direction provided by licensed emergency physicians (MDs) who are also leading experts in drowning resuscitation research and emergency care protocols.
  • SGE’s Conference for Aquatic Management Professionals (CAMP) are the industry’s premier aquatic professional development conferences.
  • These one-of-a-kind conferences focus on professional development and provide an opportunity for aquatic professionals from around the globe to benchmark their operations and develop their skills.
  • SGE’s best & brightest offer a wide variety of training sessions on the latest industry trends, program updates, leadership development, and operational best practices.
  • Our training programs and consulting services are cost-effective without cutting on service.